Psychologist and psychotherapist Mikael Färnkvist

Certified psychologist and psychotherapist with wide experience and a pragmatic way of working. Since 2002 I have been dedicated to psychotherapeutical assignments, both within public health care and as a private practicioner. At my private practice I offer primarily psychodynamic psychotherapy for adults and adolescents. An important point of departure for my work is the significance of the individuals narrative and own will in the difficulties and conflicts that may occur within an individual, within a family and other relations, but also in the individual's relations to the society. I am especially focused on questions related to the individual's development of independence, belonging and commitment, relations, sense of meaning and questions regarding the family.

  • Member of Sveriges Psykologförbund (the Swedish Federation of Psychologists Association) and complies with the regulations for psychologists of the Nordic countries. 
  • Member of the Freudian Association of Gothenburg. Member of the editorial board of the cultual magazine Arche.
  • Member of Psykologföretagarna (the Swedish Federation of Self-Employed Psychologists). 

Contact me for an appointment;

Phone: +46707169243 or Email:

Office in the centre of Gothenburg at Tegnérsgatan 11A. Nearest tram stop Berzeliigatan.

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